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Buffalo Meat is one of the healthiest meats and best sources of
protein and iron and the lowest sources of calories/cholesterol/fat content in any meat available. 
Buffalo Meat is also one of the highest sources possible for Omega-3, generally an even greater source than fish.


Humans are by design supposed to eat meat, fruits, vegetables, breads and dairy. 
Because we do, we should do our best to choose the products that are healthiest, and of course, taste great.  Buffalo is far better tasting than beef, and with its extreme low fat content and its superb health benefits, buffalo meats are ideal for everyone looking for a great tasting healthy alternative to otherwise fatty meat products that simply are not as good for your health as buffalo meat is.

Several doctors have recommended their cancer and heart patients to us for buffalo meats.  And as woman age, their need for higher protein and iron is critical to good health, and buffalo meat is an excellent source of these.  You should, of course, always consult your physician when looking for the ideal diet, but we know what they know, buffalo is simply one of the best, if not the best, meat available for your health.





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