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August 30 Michigan Bison Bash at NBR North - Cheboygan. 


August 30 Michigan Bison Association meeting to be held at NBR North in Cheboygan. 








HOSTED BY: New Beginnings Ranch & Midwest Buffalo Company


Announcing the revitalization of the annual MICHIGAN BISON BASH & BISON EDUCATIONAL SERIES to be held Saturday August 30, 2014 in beautiful Cheboygan, Michigan area. This event ran for many years and peaked in 2005 with over 1300 people in attendance. The Michigan Bison Association in conjunction with host ranches – New Beginnings Ranch and Midwest Buffalo Company (10637 Weadock Rd, Levering, MI – 49755 – just 13 miles south of the amazing Mackinac Bridge; exit #326 of I-75) will be hosting an all day fun event focused on a FULL EDUCATIONAL SERIES for anyone interested in raising, selling, serving, tasting, supporting or just curious about buffalo.


Bring a friend, in fact, bring several. New Members wanted!


The day will kick off with leaders of the National Bison Association focusing on today’s trends and needs of producers. The rest of the day will consist of food, fun, games, tours, music with live bands in the “Big Barn”, and a whole lot more specifically designed for family fun and enjoyment.


The EDUCATIONAL SERIES, open to the public, will run throughout the day and will consist of experts in the fields of:


  • Bison Veterinary Medicine and todays biggest areas of concern for producers
  • Experts in Ranch Finance and Bookeeping to help you focus on profitability
  • Ranch Insurance Experts that will discuss what you need and should consider including liability
  • Equipment & Implement Dealers to share the latest in tractors and baling and other equipment needs
  • Representatives from Slaughter & Packing Houses that will cover how to partner best and optimize your meat cuts for maximum profitability
  • The State of Michigan Department of Agriculture will cover topics including Building Food Co-ops, AgriTourism and GAAMPS
  • Local Hay producers will discuss what to look for and how to purchase and store your hay
  • Experts will cover a NEW area called “GETTING STARTED IN THE BISON BUSINESS” for new potential producers – Again bring ANYONE interested in learning more about raising or support the buffalo industry.


The Michigan Bison Association Board of directors has committed themselves to promoting our members, educating them, and improving our focus on a strong Return on Investment for our members and supporters. The board will focus on expanding our membership and creating new partnerships to enhance our members’ ability to find those that can support their business.   This ranges from where to source & sell their buffalo, simplifying and optimizing their operations, and far more frequent updates and messaging to members. The new membership drive, open to members of any state that want to join and participate in promoting their operations, will be provided a special discount on their first years membership if they sign up on or before August 30. Anyone participating at the Michigan Bison Bash can join on-site as well. Please find us online at www.michiganbisonassociation.com and join us for the Michigan Bison Bash & Educational Series on August 30. To call for more information –Kevin MacRitchie - 313-580-6776 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .




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