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Kevin MacRitchie has been in the buffalo business since the 1990’s having run Michigan’s largest known herd of over 325+ buffalo and selling over 250+ animals in meat annually to Restaurants, Retailers like Plum Markets & Hillar’s Markets, Henry Ford Museum, Motor City Casino, Main Street Ann Arbor, Michigan, and premier chefs from all over.  In his prior buffalo business, and now as co-owner of NBR with his wife Kimba, Kevin is a well-respected leader in the Buffalo Industry having served on multiple National Bison Association Councils, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Agri-Tourism Council, Michigan Extension Office Councils, and more.  Kevin has served  as a leader and pioneer in the Buffalo Industry and continues to help people around the globe get started in the industry including the Asian market and European market and of course here in the USA.  Kevin & Kimba both continue to consult with new and existing producers in order for new operations to start and existing ones to expand and gain strength.  Kevin has also served as the Assistant Buffalo Herdsman for the State of South Dakota at Custer State park since 2005, Kimba serving since 2010.

Joined by his loving partner and wife Kimba in 2009, Kevin and Kimba re-branded their life and business as New Beginnings Ranch and have embarked on their passion with Buffalo and Horses to build a comprehensive partnership with producers and consumers, retailers and restaurants, the State of Michigan and the National Bison Association to improve genetics in modern day buffalo through natural selection and better breeding, enhance the opportunity to purchase All Natural Buffalo Meats, and ensure the best tasting buffalo meat available. 

With New Beginnings Ranch World Headquarters in Holly, Michigan (Oakland County) and a 2014 expansion acquiring the most well-known Buffalo location in Michigan, the former Romanik Ranch (now New Beginnings Ranch – North strategically located on I-75 just 13 miles south of the Mackinac Bridge in beautiful Cheboygan, Michigan), NBR has secured operations for major expansion and better service to their customers of live animals and meat products.  This location offers the most visible site in the state to see buffalo and offers customers the opportunity to see the best and proper way to raise buffalo in the most natural of habitats, free roaming and grazing on over 300 acres of prime grazing land.   Most importantly, it ensures the NBR Buffalo herd plenty of space to live a healthy and natural life in the most humane conditions and allows excellent opportunity for expansion and more room for these beautiful animals to roam.

Kimba has brought much needed equine skills to the mix to support a low-stress management of the NBR buffalo herd, as Kevin and Kimba do all their buffalo work from horseback and are the last ones on the country (according to the National Bison Association) to continue to do so.  Kimba is a professional equine trainer with years of trail experience and formerly served as the Equine Mounted Unit Training Sergeant for the Oakland County Sheriff Office where she served as a mounted deputy/Sergeant for over 12 years.  While focused heavily on Buffalo at NBR, Kimba has expanded the NBR enterprise to include specialized horse training focused on building a horses confidence in any type of work they might do, including working with buffalo.  Kimba’s unparalleled ability to prepare and train horses to work in the most common  and uncommon environments, including everything from every day trail riding to service in law enforcement.  (See more about our horse training offerings in our “The Next Step – Horseplay for Equines” section – it’s the place to learn how to build your horses confidence for sure).  Kimba has learned the buffalo trade quickly, outpacing many that have been in the business for years with her attention to the animal as an individual and her focus on the right confirmation for long term breeding success.  She has revamped our entire breeding plan and continues to ensure we build the most powerful genetics and confirmation possible for great calves, great calving and fantastic and strong bulls.  She is a skilled worker among the chutes and corrals and is a much needed and well-loved partner by her husband Kevin. 

Together, Kevin and Kimba are an extremely powerful team bring significant business opportunities to the state of Michigan, especially as they grow out their co-op partnership with the State of Michigan and the Michigan Extension Service, along with several other producers.  If you want to be on our list of qualified producers, just contact us.

With the expansion of combined operations between New Beginnings Ranch and Midwest Buffalo based in Cheboygan, Michigan, and an expectation to operate nearly 700-1,000 buffalo by 2020, NBR & MWB will continue to be among the largest ranches on earth breeding, selling and serving buffalo to their customers year round.

Both Kevin and Kimba continue to work for the State of South Dakota as Assistant Buffalo Herdsman for the most impressive buffalo herd and best maintained herd (other than NBR of course) in the United States and have done so together since 2010, Kevin having worked for Custer State Park since 2005.



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