The Next Step

The Next Step – Horseplay for Equines is the premier opportunity for horse owners to build their horses confidence with exceptionally experienced trainers who focus on creating successful experiences for each horse and provide the repetition necessary to create a more calm and confident horse.

We focus on the needs of each horse as an individual and work them as individuals and with other experienced horses to expose each horse to new and different things they may experience in real life riding to ensure they understand the successes that are possible. Our simple goal is to create the horse herd mentality between the rider and the horse.

Our experience is diverse and we bring that to each horse and we bring our horses to the effort as well to help teach horses that the herd is dynamic and to follow the lead of the rider knowing that the rider will only ask what is possible and never intentionally put the horse in an uncomfortable position.

If your horse has difficulty crossing water or bridges or does not want to do what you ask of it let us help you. Our experience as professional trainers for law enforcement horses, livestock herding including buffalo from horseback, and extreme trail riding all over the country has led us together to create and recreate these same conditions at both our Holly, Michigan and Cheboygan, Michigan ranches.

We take horses for as little as 14 days and for as long as 120 days. We work with your horse daily to build the confidence it may lack to respond to your “ask”.

Let us help your horse be more confident so you can too.

Call us for reservations and pricing.

Confidence Training

We focus on building your horses exposure, confidence and trust.
The three principal elements to safe and enjoyable riding.


If you need something as simple as hauling your horse to and from an event, or all the way across the country we can help.  If your horse just won’t load in a trailer, we can help there to.  Contact us anytime for current rates and to schedule your horse transportation needs.

In the News

“Our goal is to accomplish this in a calm and safe manner so as new obstacles and experiences get introduced, the herd of the two become one in their trust of each other”




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