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The great thing about cooking buffalo meat is you don’t have to do much of anything different than you would for cooking beef or chicken.  The main thing you must think about is buffalo is extremely lean.  In our case, we strive for less than 5% fat content (actually we try for 1% - 3% fat content in the meats we sell).  Think about that for a moment.  If you purchase beef, which is typically 20% fat, you have a lot of wait time in your cooking as the meat of any animal does not cook until the fat (or insulator) starts to boil.  If you are cooking with something that has 1%-3% fat then you are really cooking the meat right away, if you are cooking beef at 20% fat –you have a lot more wait time for the fat to boil so you can then start watching the meat begin to cook.

So, what does this mean?  It means you will typically have a much shorter cooking time when cooking buffalo than most other meats.  We recommend you sear your buffalo meats (steak and burger for sure and you can also do with your roasts) on a high heat on all sides for a short while to seal in the juices and then reduce the heat to cook the inside.  What you get is amazing if its buffalo.

Generally speaking  - buffalo will cook in ½ - 2/3  the time of beef.

So if this is the case – why does the beef industry promote marbled (fatty) meat? 
See this answer under Health Benefits of Buffalo Meat



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